490 Content Ideas for Your Wedding Business

490 Blog Post Ideas for a Wedding Business

Should I be blogging for my business?
I really need to start blogging. 
I should probably be blogging. 
Seriously, I need to blog more.

Had these thoughts before? Is it just me... No? I didn't think so. 

If you're like me you've said one (read: all) of these things to yourself at some point in your wedding business. 

We get it marketing gurus, we should be blogging, blogging is the foundation of our business, our website is our home base. Blah, Blah, Blah. WE KNOW. 

So why don't we do it? I don't know about you but I don't do it for two reasons:

1.) I think I'm "too busy." This is just an excuse and it's lame. 
2.) I don't know WHAT to blog about, period. 

I can't really help you with #1 except to say, I hear you and I've been there. But, we should not be too busy to do impactful activities in our business (like blogging) that can help serve our clients well. We can do better. Together. 

When it comes to #2, that I can help you with. When it comes to blogging do you know how many blog posts (meta, I know) are out there that give you a list of ideas for what you can blog about? SO MANY.

You can literally go to Pinterest and type in "Blog Post Ideas" and you'll be FLOODED with suggestions. Seriously, go do it. I'll wait.........................

Ok, welcome back. 

Am I right or am I right? SO. MANY. BLOG. POSTS. -- when I did that search myself I took a nosedive into the blackhole that is Pinterest. The next thing I did was laugh at myself for thinking "it's too hard to come up with blog post ideas." Hahaha - um, no it isn't.

Friend, LET'S START BLOGGING. FINALLY. Let's just do it. What do we have to lose? A couple of months if it doesn't work?? Who cares! We've wasted time on other things that haven't worked either and we're still here to talk about it. 

But my gut tells me this isn't like all those other times. If you and I commit to 90 days of consistent, quality blogging we'll be blown away by the results. 

So what do you say? Are you with me? (Insert Braveheart speech here, huzzah!!)


To get us started I've compiled a list of 490 blog post ideas. And by "get us started" I mean now you have blog post ideas until you're 62. 

You're welcome. 


100 Blogging Ideas from Cinnamon Wolfe at Cinnmonwolfe.co. 

Cinnamon is a wedding photographer and editor so she GETS us. Her list of 100 blog post ideas is packed with wedding industry-specific (and some non-industry goodies too!) ideas that will give you inspiration for your own wedding business. 

Here are some of my favs from this list: 

  • 3-10 Software Programs You Can't Live Without

  • What to Wear for Engagement Photos

  • Best Wedding Venues for Each Season

You know I had to include that venue idea right? (spoiler alert: if you're new here, I own a wedding venue). 

Head to Cinnamon's website to get the rest of her 100 Blogging Ideas so you can take your wedding blog from zero to hero this year! 

Heads up: Cinnamon's opt-in (how you get the list) is a pop-up on her homepage so just hang there for a second to allow the pop-up to appear! 


180 Blog Post Ideas from Darren Rowse at Problogger.com

Darren Rowse = not a wedding professional but he does equal a complete blogging LEGEND. I mean, look at the name of his website if you need further proof!? And he's been PROBLOGGING since 2002 so we can totally trust him. 

Here's some ideas from Darren's list to give you an idea of what you'll find in this mega-list:

  • A reality check for ________________________

  • The Story Behind _________________________

  • How to Get More From ___________________

And the list goes on and on! As a little perspective, if you post 1 blog per week, just this list will last you for 6 months. Let that sink in....


50 Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Industry Professionals from Olivia Bossert at OliviaBossert.com

I was first introduced to Olivia when I found her "February Love List" blog post from earlier this year where she listed the podcast as one of the things she loved! I was smitten right away (of course) and have kept up with her blog ever since!

She published a HANDY list of 50 Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Industry Professionals that will keep your creative juices flowing all year! 

You can get it here. 


50+ Content Upgrade Ideas that totally double as blog post ideas from me. 

A while back I wrote a blog post (that was the inspo for The Opt In Shop!) that went bananas. In the blog post I offered up 50+ (60 total) ideas that you could use for content upgrades or email list opt-ins for your wedding business. 

I'm including that blog post on this list because those ideas can 100% be morphed into blog post ideas and then you can also create a content upgrade to go with your post! WINK!

Grab the list now


100 No-Fluff, Content-Rich Blog Post Ideas from Lauren Hooker at Elle & Co. 

I truly can't think of many people who would be better to learn consistent, helpful blogging from than Lauren Hooker at Elle & Co. 

Lauren wrote her first blog post with 50 Blog Post Ideas a few years back (the ideas are still 100% relevant) and wrote another post with 50 MORE blog post ideas

Keep in mind, these ideas are not directly related to the business of weddings BUT I think that's a great thing. 

These are the exact types of lists we should be looking at to get inspiration for our wedding business blog's so we can think outside of the box. 


I am cheering you on through your blogging journey and would love for you to keep me updated on how it's going! You can send me a voice message ANYTIME (seriously) on my contact page here

Last but not least, 490 Blog Post Ideas is A LOT and you're busy girl! So PIN IT NOW and READ IT LATER using the image below! 



490 Blog Post Ideas for a Wedding Business
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