01: Alex Estes, Becoming a Full Time Calligrapher

Photo of Alex Estes from Prairie Letter Shop

I was pleased to welcome Alex Estes from Prairie Letter Shop to the first episode of She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros.

I met Alex at the Creative at Heart Conference and immediately like her. She's extremely smart, approachable and just a sweet soul. Alex has a hand lettering business, she is a wedding stationery designer as well as an educator of other creative entrepreneurs. Her business, Prairie Letter Shop, offers calligraphy, custom design and multiple educational resources for aspiring business owners and hand letter enthusiasts. She is the creator of The Daily Lettering Journal, host of multiple in-person workshops in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the co-creator of the online course: Becoming an Online Artist.

In this episode we talk about how Alex went from working for Teach for America as a teacher and later as a teacher trainer, to how she got started with her hand lettering business. We also chat about what the early days of Prairie Letter Shop looked like and how her offerings and services have evolved. Alex goes into detail about online and local networking groups that she is part of and how getting mentorship & working hard for over a year gave her the confidence to launch her business full-time in 2015.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Prairie Letter Shop

The Daily Lettering Journal

Becoming an Online Artist

Alex's Local Workshops

Creative Chics Group

17 Hats

Kinsey Roberts