12: Kinsey Roberts, Heart of Your Brand Session Feedback

I'm hopping on the podcast today in my first ever solo show to chat about my experience with Ginny Krauss and her Heart of Your Brand strategy session. Ginny and her branding session are October's sponsor and I wanted to do this feedback episode after I had my own session so you can hear the overview of my experience. 

In this episode, I give you the front seat view of my call with Ginny. If you've been sitting on the fence about whether or not to take advantage of this branding session this episode may help you decide to take the plunge and book your own wedding business branding session with Ginny. 

Ginny helped me deep dive into the goals I have for the show, determine what kind of culture I want around the podcast, who my ideal listener is and so much more. Tune into our conversation and if you have any feedback or questions please reach out to me anytime at: kinsey@vistaviewevents.com. 

Today's Sponsor

Ginny Krauss is this month's sponsor of She Creates Business and I'm honored. She's offering listeners a 60 minute "Discover the Heart of Your Brand" Strategy Session for just $149. This is $150 off her normal rate of $299 and its only for listeners of She Creates Business! Along with your session you'll get an actionable workbook and a 30 minute follow up call with Ginny. Head to http://www.ginnykrauss.com/heart and mention the show to claim your spot.

Kinsey Roberts