141: How to Grow a New Wedding Floral Business with Shirley Goodwin

How to Grow a New Wedding Floral Business

Today's Episode:

My guest on the podcast today is Shirley Goodwin, owner and lead designer of JR Flowers.

Shirley's business is relatively new and on today's episode, we dig into the strategies she's using to grow her wedding floral business.

We also talk about how she got started in florals and how she keeps up with it all while working professionally as a pediatrician!

A Few Ways Shirley Has Grown Her Floral Business:

  • Participating in Styled Shoots with vendors who are at the same level of business

  • Contacting and building authentic relationships with new venues in her area in an effort to get on their recommended vendor lists

  • Joining the Rising Tide Facebook Group

Here's a bit more about Shirley:

Shirley Goodwin is the owner and lead designer of JR Flowers. JR Flowers is a wedding and event floral design studio located in Leesburg VA, about 30 minutes west of Washington DC.

She started the business 2 years ago after a lifelong love of flowers and design for family and friends.

Her design style is “elegance with flair” and she loves to add a pop of color to any event. Shirley could design flowers in her home studio all day and night but realizes she has to come up for air and spend time with her 2 sons and her husband.

Shirley is also a part-time pediatrician and still practices several days per week.


Connect with Shirley:


How to Grow a New Wedding Floral Business

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