142: How to Sell Your Wedding Rental Business with Lane' Richards

How to Sell a Wedding Rental Business

How to Sell a Wedding Rental Business

Today's episode on She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros, is a treasure trove of information!

I'm joined by Lane' Richards (pronounced, Lay-nuh) the founder of the award-winning rental company, Something Borrowed Portland. She’s holding nothing back and discussing her journey from starting her wedding rental business just 6 years ago and recently selling it for a healthy profit.

This discussion is so powerful and it won't take you long to hear how thoughtful and brilliant Lane' is - I can't think of anyone better to walk us through this process! 

Here’s what we discuss:

  • How Lane’ started Something Borrowed

  • The steps Lane’ took to grow her business and why she focused on client care and her processes

  • The events that brought Lane’ to the decision to sell in 2018

  • Step-by-Step walkthrough of the exact documents, financials, etc of what Lane’ had to gather and present to her buyer

More about Lane’:

Lane' Richards is the multidisciplinary entrepreneur and creative genius behind the award-winning specialty rental company, Something Borrowed Portland.

Sold in 2018, Lane' now offers mentoring and strategic business planning to specialty rental companies looking to build and scale their business.

Goodies Mentioned in Today's Episode:

  1. Prepping to Sell Your Specialty Rental Business (blog post)

  2. Specialty Rental Tools of the Trade (freebie)

  3. 5 Tips for Running a Successful Rental Business (freebie)

  4. Online shop with the processes, checklists, templates, and forms I used to operate Something Borrowed. Listeners can use promo code "SHECREATES" to save 15% off their entire order.

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How to Sell a Wedding Rental Business

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