153: The Reason Your Wedding Business isn't Growing with Rachel Green

business growth Dec 05, 2019


My guest on the podcast today is Rachel Green from Intentionally Designed. She's digging into the REAL reason your wedding business isn't growing.

Even better? She's giving us ways we can get out of our rut and start to GROW in the direction we want. 

Here's what we cover on the show today:

1. Why you need to cut out the noise and distractions 

2. How to determine the best strategy for your business

3. Why streamlining and eliminating unnecessary tasks (or delegating) is essential to business growth

Questions to Answer About Your Business:

1. WHO does your business serve?

2. WHAT results or transformation do you provide for your clients?

3. HOW do you provide those results or transformation?

Connect with Rachel:



Rachel's Brand Strategy Blueprint Course

About Rachel Green:

Rachel Green is a brand strategist, designer, educator, and glass half full kind of gal dedicated to helping creative business owners build their brand with confidence and clarity.

Through brand strategy and design, she helps purpose-filled business owners ditch overwhelm through clear and simple strategies they can use to build a more successful and sustainable business.

For the last 7 years, she has helped build over 100 businesses and generate 5+ million in sales for those businesses. As a farmer’s wife and mother to 2 little ones, she actively balances educating and empowering other women to grow their business by taking care of her home and family.



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