20: Kinsey Roberts, The Podcasts I'm Listening to and My Favorite Episodes from Each Show

Today I'm solo on She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros to give you a list of my favorite podcasts recommendations for creative entrepreneurs. I know we're wedding pros but the beauty of the internet and of podcasts is that we can discover new sources of information and ideas. While our industries may not be directly related, we can learn so much from what others are doing in their respective industry, process it through our own lens and see if and how it applies to our wedding businesses. 

In today's episode you'll find recommendations for both business and non-business podcasts as well as two of my favorite episodes from each business podcast. I'd love to hear what you're listening to in the comments!

Kinsey's Podcast Playlist


1.) Office Talk with Annette Stepanian

Annette is an attorney by trade and offers services over at AnnetteStepanian.com to creative entrepreneurs. Her podcast, Office Talk, is part interview show where Annette talks with game changing entrepreneurs on how they're designing a life and business they want. The second part of Annette's show are the "10 Minute Legal Quickies" she does where she shares her quick answer to commonly asked legal questions. I love the legal quickies because sometimes, as small business owners, we need answers from a reputable source but can't always afford an attorney just to "have a chat." The 10 Minute Legal Quickies are a perfect anectode to that problem. 

Favorite Episodes from Office Talk: 

Episode 2 - with Guest Jessica Huizenga, owner of The Confetti Bar and secret contemporary romance novel author! I loved hearing Jessica's story and immediately went to Amazon to buy her book, Crazy Beautiful, because I love reading and I love reading romance so it was basically a match made in heaven. Is there really anything better than awesome creative entrepreneurs who also pursue their passion projects like Jessica did with writing!? No, no there isn't.

Episode 4 - with Michelle Loretta, owner of Sage Wedding Pros. What can I say? I love learning from other wedding pros. Michelle has a ton of experience in our industry and it is very clear in this episode. She also dives into what its like to create and run a live workshop. 

2.) Profit. Power. Pursuit with Tara Gentile

Tara hosts this podcast in partnership with Creative Live and it is on my "not to be missed" list. Tara is a frequent instructor at Creative Live and a prolific speaker in general and she's brought those exquisite skills to the podcast as the interviewer. She brings on high level entreprenuers who are building unique businesses with purpose and gets them to share how their revenue streams shake out in their business. Mixed into each interview is Tara's own vast experience in online business so it basically ties everything in a little bow and delivers every single week. 

Favorite Episodes from Profit. Power. Pursuit:

Episode 36 - with Tara Gentile, the host of the show and founder of The Quiet Power Strategy. This episode is all about self-publishing. Tara dishes on all things self-publishing from her personal experience of self-publishing four books. She shares, among many other things, how books have impacted her business & bottom line as well as her exact writing process and the tools she uses to publish her books. If you have even had a fleeting thought of self-publishing, this is the episode for you. It is not high-level theory about the "elusive self-publishing world." This episode is actionable content with real-world examples from a successful, self-published author. If you skip the rest of this blog post to go listen, I won't be offended...its that good. One of the things I found most interesting in the episode is how Tara personally uses her books in her business, the answer may surprise you. 

Episode 29 - with Abby Glassenberg of While She Naps. Abby has been blogging since 2008 and has a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to multi-faceted, online businesses. Abby writes at whileshenaps.com where she sells sewing pattern designs and is a four-time published craft book author. She also has her own podcast of the same name, While She Naps. Again, stepping outside of our own wedding industry and learning from completely different businesses, like a craft business, can breath fresh ideas into our businesses and Abby's episode totally does that for me. 

3.) Internet Business Mastery with Jeremy Frandsen & Jason Van Orden

Jeremy and Jason are online marketing and podcasting pros. They have well over 300 episodes in their podcast archive and have built multiple successful businesses. They do a combination of interview and solo shows and I really like they're practical, result-driven advice delivered in a very down to earth manner. They've helped groom some of the biggest names online today that you have absolutely heard of and they're quite humble about it. For my favorites below I've chosen fairly recent episodes to get you started. 

Favorite Episodes from Internet Business Mastery: 

Episode 335 - with Jeremy and Jason. This episode is called "How to Gain Expert Credibility When You're Just Starting Out." In this episode Jeremy and Jason provide their five best tips for business owners who are just starting out in a particular industry and are interested in gaining authentic credibility. Since I officially joined the wedding industry in December 2015 I've found a lot of value in this episode. 

Episodes 325 to 327 - with Jeremy and Jason. This is a 3 part series all about having a profitable product launch. Because its three parts it goes into great detail about the how, what and why of a product launch. As I mentioned on the podcast when I was talking about this series I think this advice can also apply to "non-sale" items like when you're launching a new part of your business like a YouTube Channel, a Podcast (wink!), etc. 

4.) Creative Empire Podcast with Reina Pomeroy & Christina Scalera

I love this show and the women who host it. If you're reading this and listening to my podcast you're likely already familiar with the Creative Empire Podcast. If you're not, I highly recommend putting this on your list of weekly shows. Reina & Christina do a combination of interview-styled episodes and episodes where it is just the two of them doing a deep dive into a particular topic. They have a lot of wedding pro babes on their podcast because Reina is a coach who really understands our industry having been a wedding planner herself in the past and Christina is an attorney who works closely with wedding pros. 

Favorite Episodes from Creative Empire Podcast: 

Episode 36 - with Reina & Christina. This is one of their solo episodes where they dicuss the importance and imense value in "supporting roles" in online businesses. Meaning, online entrepreneurs can't and shouldn't run their businesses alone. They need services like VAs, Online Business Managers, Bookkeepers, etc. and these roles are just as important, if not more, than the being the "face" of the business. 

Episode 15 - with Kat Schmoyer from Dear Sweetheart Events and Creative at Heart Conference. If you haven't heard Kat's story yet of how she built her wedding planning business on the side while working her 9 to 5 job you're missing out! Her road to full time is journey worth listening to and she also tells us how she subsequently left her 9 to 5 to pursue planning full-time AND started a creative conference. 

5.) Food Blogger Pro with Bjork Ostrom

While this podcast does mostly bring on food bloggers it is still packed with valuable information for any industry, including the wedding industry. Bjork Ostrom is the husband and business partner of Lindsay Ostrom who you may know from her wildly successful blog, Pinch of Yum. Bjork mostly runs the podcast, although Lindsay makes appearances, and I really appreciate his clear way of explaining technical processses, his interview style and just general curiosity about online business which makes him a great person to learn from. 

Favorite Episodes from Food Blogger Pro:

Episode 40 - with Allison and Suzy from the Food Heals Podcast. This episode was all about how Allison and Suzy began monetizing their podcast from DAY ONE. That's right, before a single episode aired it was a monetized business venture! I loved hearing their story and they seemingly didn't leave out one detail. They even mentioned where they found the music for their show! A must listen for sure!

Episode 38 - with Bjork Ostrom. Bjork is solo on this episode and breaks down seven tips for driving  more traffic to our websites. You know I'm a sucker for actionable takeaways and this sure fits the bill. If you've been struggling with traffic, take a listen to this show and see if you can glean a fresh perspective.

6.) ProBlogger Podcast with Darren Rowse

Darren is a veteran blogger having started in 2002. He's an author, speaker and now a podcaster. If you're not familiar with his site ProBlogger, you may know him from his main website, Digital Photography School. Either way, Darren has many years of experience in the online space and he draws on all of his knowledge during his podcast. He does do some interviews (which are great) but for the most part he's solo on his podcast dishing on resources, advice, tips and tools. 

Favorite Episodes from the ProBlogger Podcast:

Episode 150 - with Darren Rowse. In this episode Darren revealed his many income streams between his businesses. If you're like me you love when people we admire "peel back the curtain" on how they're doing business and this was on of those episodes. What I really appreciated was how Darren told us the percentage each stream of income contributed to his businesses. 

Episode 37 - with Darren Rowse. This episode was all about how to grow traffic to your website by guest posting and creating content for other people's audiences. This episode was actually part of a series that starts in Episode 33 so if you enjoy the content from my suggested episode then I totally recommend you go through the entire series. If you're type-A I know you're probably going to want to start at the beginning anyway which is awesome and good on you (as Darren would say). 

7.) BeYOUtifully Bold in Business with Nicole Hoglund & Samantha Johnston

Episode 16 - with Jessica Rasdall. If you don't know Jessica Rasdall please go get to know her. This episode was about how we can "Turn our Mess into our Message." This title will make way more sense if you get to know Jessica better and you'll realize there is truly no other person who can help us do this better than Jessica. 

Episode 18 - with Dana Malstaff. This is the BOSS MOM herself and I love this episode. I actually like to catch Dana on any podcast she's on because she's totally brilliant and always brings the value and smart things we can do in our business. Dana has her own podcast aptly titled BOSS MOM and is an author of a book by the same name. 

Non-Business Podcasts

I wanted to include some of the non-business podcasts I listen to as well just in case you're a human being and have many interests outside of business (LOL). These podcasts are a clear indicator of what I'm interested in outside of the She Creates Business Podcast and Vista View Events. Maybe you'll like them too!

1.) All the Books - recommendation show of recently published books. I really like this show because the hosts read a HUGE variety of books, many I would never pick up on my own. This podcast has helped me incorporate new books into my To be Read list and has made my reading life richer. 

2.) Stuff You Missed in History - brought to us by How Stuff Works this show is entertaining episodes about historical events you may not know about or totally forgot about because you were sleeping during history class. 

3.) What Should I Read Next - hosted by Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy. Anne brings on a guest, gets their reading history and recommends three books for them to read next. It has often been described as "book therapy" and that is absolutely true. 

4.) Daily Meditation Podcast - hosted by Mary Meckley. This is just the way it sounds, a meditation-style show and it's perfect for doing some breathing exercises in the middle of the day to get over "the slump" or at the end of the day to relax. 

5.) Longform - this show has various hosts and features interviews with notable authors, writers, journalists, editors and more. 

Whew! We made it sweet friends. Thanks so much for sticking with me to the end. I hope you were nodding your head along with some of my recommendations or that you found some new podcasts to add to your weekly podcast listening lineup. Let's continue the conversation in the comments, what are you listening to right now? 






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