21: Abby Herman, Repurposing Content in Your Wedding Business

Repurposing Content in Your Wedding Business

My guest today is Abby Herman founder of Write Solutions, content marketing, and coaching for small business owners. While Abby isn't "technically" a wedding pro herself, she DOES serve wedding pros through her business and I knew I had to have her on the show to spill her content secrets. Abby has been a freelance writer for almost ten years and has been running her business full-time since 2013. 

I think we can all agree that between our blogs, social media, live video and the list goes on, that it can be overwhelming creating content for our businesses AND performing our actual jobs as planners, photographers, florists, etc. But we know we have to do it...at least some of it. In today's market, we have to keep an online presence in order to stay competitive. 

Abby is going to help us with our content strategy today. Abby takes us through what it is like when a wedding pro outsources to her and the services she provides. Then she walks us through what we can do if we're not ready to outsource and prefer to DIY our content plan. And finally, Abby tells us how we can (and should) repurpose our content in multiple ways to get the most mileage out of our message. 

This was a GREAT conversation and I took away a ton of ideas for repurposing my content in 2017 and I think you will too. Take a listen to the show and come back to the comments so continue the conversation. 

Resources from this Episode

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CEO DATES: Abby schedules these with other lady bosses in 90-minute increments. So, the idea is that you and a fellow entrepreneur get on Skype or Google Hangout, you'll tell each other what your goals are for your time together, set a timer and go to work! The point is that someone is "with you" to hold you accountable to actually do your work and not get distracted by Instagram or Facebook (like I would). You'll be working on your own projects but of course you have someone to bounce ideas off of too! When the 90 minutes is up, you share with your gal pal what you accomplished or didn't accomplish! I'm obsessed with this concept because I want to be in business for myself NOT by myself. Working from home isn't always easy and sometimes you just need a good ol' CEO DATE for accountability and friendship. Let me know how yours goes! 


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