24: 2017 Conferences, Retreats & Workshops for Wedding Professionals

Today I'm solo on the podcast talking all things conferences, retreats and workshops for wedding pros that are happening in 2017. If you're planning on investing in live events for your business next year but you're not sure where to even start, this episode is for YOU! 

I've compiled a list of events that range from intimate retreats with 15 people to large summits with hundreds of attendees. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, I know there are SO MANY events out there that are wonderful but the show is only 30 minutes long so I had to limit the events I talked about! Thanks for understanding :) 

If you'd like to recommend an event in 2017 please leave the name, website and dates in the comments of this post so we can all benefit from your recommendation.  

List of Events

The Together Experience | Hosted by Devan McCabe | February 22nd-24th, Portland, Oregon | For Creative Entrepreneurs (Conference)

Creative at Heart Conference | Hosted by Kat Schmoyer | 2017 Date TBA | For Creative Entrepreneurs and Wedding Pros (Conference)

VIP INtensive | Hosted by Reina Pomeroy & Tonya Dalton | February 2nd & 3rd, Washington, D.C. | For Creative Entrepreneurs (Intimate Mastermind-Style Workshop)

Illume Retreat | Hosted by Bonnie Bakhtiari | April 24th-27th, Waco, Texas | For Creative Business Owners (Intimate Retreat)

Boss Mom Retreat | Hosted by Dana Malstaff | January 27th & 28th, San Diego, California | For Women Business Owners

Wedding MBA | Hosted by Wedding MBA | October 2nd-4th, Las Vegas, Nevada | For Wedding Professionals

Inspired Retreat | Hosted by Amber Housley | UPDATE: Fall Inspired Retreat only, dates TBA | For Creative Business Owners

Engage Summits | Hosted by Rebecca Grinnals + Kathryn Arce | Various 2017 Dates & Locations | For luxury wedding professionals

Inspire Design Workshop | Hosted by LuLu Alexander | March 19th-22nd New Orleans, Louisiana | For Wedding Professionals 

Coterie Retreat | Hosted by Jacqueline Nwobu + Chike Nwobu | 2017 Date & Location TBA | For Wedding Professionals 

Wedding Wire World | Hosted by Wedding Wire | May 1st-2nd (California) August 14th-15th (D.C.) | For Wedding Professionals 

A.C.E Creative Conference | Hosted by Keneshia Raymond | 2017 Locations & Dates TBA | For Creative Entrepreneurs 

Behind the Veil Workshop | Hosted by Atosha K. Barboza Bennett | February 2nd-4th Charleston, North Carolina | For Wedding Professionals

Creative Founders Conference | Hosted by Jennifer Faught | March 5th-8th, Pensacola, Florida | For Creative Business Owners

The Yellow Conference | Hosted by Joanna Waterfall | August 24 & 25th | Los Angeles, California | Community-minded creative women

The School of Styling | Hosted by Kaitlin Holland | March 7th-9th (Texas) and August 1st-3rd (Virginia) | Creative Entrepreneurs

AKP Retreat | Ashton Kelley | Various Dates in 2017 | For Creative Entrepreneurs (Use Code: SHECREATES for $50 OFF your ticket to the D.C. AKP Retreat in January 2017!)

Social Media Workshop for Wedding Professionals | Hosted by Jenni Thye & The Bloguettes | January 10th, Scottsdale, Arizona | For Wedding Professionals 


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