28: 2016 Year in Review for She Creates Business a Podcast for Wedding Pros

Today I'm solo on the podcast to do my 2016 Year in Review. I'm going through my 2016 Powersheets, telling you the goals I set for myself at the beginning of this year, which ones I achieved and which ones I did not achieve (gasp!). 

I'm also telling you how I shifted my goals in the middle of 2016 and what that meant to the podcast and how that will affect my 2017 goals. This year was a huge year of personal growth for me and one of my biggest lessons was that we are NOT meant to go through life and business alone. People and relationships are SO important to our mental well-being and to our business health. 

I also learned that asking for help when I need it isn't wrong, there's actually people out there who want to see me (and YOU) succeed! Guys, I am so excited for 2017 and recording this episode and reflecting on 2016 was the perfect way to end the year and drill down on the BIG STUFF I have coming in the new year for the podcast. 

Thank you so much for your love and support this year, I COULD NOT have done this without you. If you're interested, there's a FUN announcement at the beginning of the show! Take a listen! 

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