33: What It's Really Like to Start and Produce a Creative Conference with Devan McCabe

Have you been to a conference or retreat as a creative business owner? If not, grab a cup of coffee and listen to this episode. Trust me, you don't want to miss this. 

It is no secret how much I love the Creative at Heart Conference and how I attribute my courage to start this podcast to that event. My guest today, Devan McCabe, happened to be my roommate at that very conference and now she is a dear friend. 

I am so honored to have her on the show talking all about her newest project, Together - a Bosslady Experience. The Together Experience is a creative conference happening in Portland, OR February 22nd - 24th, 2017. I will be there and I'm literally just counting down the days. 

In today's episode Devan takes us through her business journey, what inspired her to start The Together Experience and all of the INCREDIBLE things attendees can expect at the conference. I believe so much in live events and in-person networking even though we run online businesses. It reminds me that I'm in business FOR myself but not BY myself. 

I hope you'll join us. You can get 40% OFF YOUR TICKET with code: Shecreates40

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