34: Kristin Kaplan & Ginny Krauss, Roundtable Q & A

Kristin Kaplan and Ginny Krauss are my guests (and sponsors!) today. We're doing a really fun "The View" style Q & A discussion where Kristin and Ginny answer every single question about your wedding business. We gathered these questions from other wedding professionals in our Facebook group The Wedding Business Bosses.

We hit on topics like marketing, branding, pricing your service, networking and MUCH MORE! I know you'll enjoy this episode as much as I did because Kristin and Ginny do not sugar coat anything! They're genuine, upfront and really give us their honest take on what it really takes to have a successful wedding business.

Thank you so much to Kristin & Ginny for sponsoring She Creates Business via their business The Wedding Business Academy. The Wedding Business Academy is a 6-month group coaching program where you can grow your business, network and reach your goals. Head to their website and sign up for the waitlist so you can be notified when applications are being accepted!

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