39: Inside a 6-Month Group Coaching Program for Wedding Pros


I am thrilled to welcome back Ginny Krauss and Kristin Kaplan to She Creates Business. Back in episode 34 Ginny and Kristin did a Roundtable Q & A where they answered a ton of questions from other wedding pros on things like pricing, ideal client, marketing, social media and so much more. Take a listen to episode 34 after today’s show, I hope you’ll take as many notes as I did.

Today’s episode is all about The Wedding Business Academy and what its REALLY like inside of a 6-month group coaching program for wedding pros. These ladies are literally taking us behind the scenes of their signature coaching program so you can make a WELL INFORMED decision on whether or not the program is for you and also just showing you how they run the program. I honestly wish more people would do this. I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on courses and programs and can honestly say I’ve been more than disappointed in a lot them. Not because they were bad courses/programs, but because they were NOT right for me and that was not clear on the sales page. Have you ever felt that way after you purchased a course or program?

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I also wish I could have spoken to real human beings who had taken some of the courses I’d purchased and hear what they loved and did love about the program. That’s why I decided to include testimonials from real people at the end of the episode! Elise Luddy and Lina Ruel Flynn were kind enough to record their thoughts on the program and share them with you. Thanks ladies!

Thank you to The Wedding Business Academy AND Ginny + Kristin for sponsoring She Creates Business for the month of February. It has truly been my pleasure to have you here and I’m so grateful for your support. Thank you for being such givers to my community and for peeling back the curtain on your program!

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