40: Managing a Wedding Planning Business with Other Creative Projects

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Shalyce Tyson is a big dreamer and encourager of women. She started her wedding planning company, Sensational Soirees, in 2012 after successfully planning her own wedding and LOVING the planning process. What I love about Shalyce is that, even though her planning company is very successful, she still works a full-time job along with her other creative projects. 

I know I've touched on that on the podcast before. Just because we have creative businesses and we're entrepreneurs, doesn't mean we all need to "hustle" so we can "QUIT THE 9-5!" Honestly, working a 9-5 can be awesome because you're not putting so much pressure on your creativity. If you haven't read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, you totally should. It goes into detail about this idea and I think you'll love it. 

Shalyce offers Full, Partial and Event Management services at Sensational Soirees (in addition to her full-time job) AND she's the Blog Manager for The Mor Community. The Mor Community is a space for creative moms in business whose purpose is to connect creative mompreneurs together in an engaging and supportive atmosphere. You can check out their Facebook Group here

In today's episode, Shalyce gives us practical and tangible advice for how she runs the different facets of her life and why it's important to her to pursue creative projects outside of our business and our full-time job. 

After four years in business Shalyce has finally opened up her schedule for speaking and one-on-one mentoring sessions for wedding planners who have been in business three years or less & are also managing a full-time job, aspiring wedding planners and wedding planners who are also moms. Shalyce has such a heart for this industry and for women, I have no doubt she'll quickly fill up her calendar with happy clients! 

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