44: Claire Swinarski, How to Get Published in Cosmopolitan, Bridal Guide, Apartment Therapy & MORE!

I'm so pleased to welcome Claire Swinarski to the podcast! We have a really fun and action-packed chat about how we, as wedding pros, can get published in local magazines, national magazines and MORE! But first, a little about this amazing gal!  

Claire is a freelance journalist and a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in journalism before spending two years doing mission work in New Orleans and Missouri. After working in marketing for an engineering firm, she jumped ship to go full-on freelance. In addition to her copywriting and content marketing business, she freelances as a journalist and has written for publications like The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Vox, Apartment Therapy, Good Housekeeping, and Woman's Day. She's also written for the popular bridal publications Bridal Guide, Veil, and Bride & Groom, and currently writes regularly for Milwaukee Magazine and the popular wedding blog Woman Getting Married.

I loved this whole episode (of course) but two things that really stuck out to me were things you and I can control TODAY. Those two things were Claire's tactical tips that we can implement at the beginning of our "getting published" journey. They are: 

1.) Do some research and make a list of TEN places your ideal client is hanging out online/offline when it comes to magazines, blogs, etc. Once you have that list, go after the managing and submission editors of those places. 

2.) When you're ready to pitch, write a GREAT pitch email! It doesn't need to be more than three short paragraphs with: an outline of your idea, the specifics of what you'll write about and a final paragraph about yourself and your contact info. 

Remember when you're pitching that editors are human beings, so treat them that way! They don't want to be treated like robots just churning through emails. Send them something they can't find from any ol' contributor! Editors want to bring fresh and unique content to their readers so make their job easy and give it to them!

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