47: How to Pick a Podcast Topic for Your Wedding Business

Since starting my podcast, She Creates Business, 7 months ago I've heard from so many of you through emails and Instagram messages that you've also had it on your heart to start a podcast. 

You're an avid consumer of podcasts and love to binge listen to your FAV shows, you love recommending new shows to your friends & fellow creatives and you're just so darn supportive of your favorite podcast hosts. But when it comes to starting your own show I always hear one (or both) of the following: 


I want to start a podcast....but what would I even talk about? I don't know if I want to interview people like you do.


I want to start a podcast....but I have no idea how to even start...like, do I need a mic or something?


Sound familiar? In today's podcast we're diving deep into podcast topic and format ideas so you can start brainstorming your own topic/format ideas and what will work best for YOUR podcast.

As you're listening to the show, keep in mind your podcast is exactly that.......YOURS. I truly mean it when I say you can literally podcast about anything you want to podcast about.

As I type this, I'm listening to a daily meditation podcast from Mary Meckley over at Sip and Om. Before this episode, I was listening to Stuff You Missed in History which is (as the name suggests) a podcast about history. This morning, I caught up with one of my favorite creative business podcasts, Creative Empire Podcast, from Reina Pomeroy and Christina Scalera. 

My point in telling you that isn't to reveal my deep podcast obsession (although its clear that's a thing) but to prove to you there are a variety of podcast formats/topics/ideas and there isn't a one-size-fits-all formula. You might be a wedding planner but also love scrapbooking. Maybe you want to start a podcast interviewing other scrapbook lovers? Perhaps you're a floral designer and you want to do short weekly episodes introducing other florists to resources like new wholesalers. 

When it comes to podcasting, the sky is truly the limit. I spend a lot of time in the online business and creative entrepreneur space so it seems like "everyone" has a business interview show and that's the only kind of podcast you can do. WRONG. Doing interviews is just one tiny piece of the podcast world and, as I mentioned above in the scrapbooking example, a podcast doesn't even have to be about business!


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