55: How to Start a Custom Gift Box Company & Where to Source Products

Torrance Hart from Teak and Twine built her custom gift box company to her full-time job and shows no signs of slowing down!

Today's conversation is so informative and FUN. Torrance gives us all of the behind-the-scenes details about how she got the idea for Teak & Twine, how she sources her products, why she started making a few of her own products and more!

Before founding Teak & Twine, Torrance studied at Georgetown University and then served in the Air Force in California, Texas, Florida and abroad. After eight years she decided to take the leap and turn her love of gifting into her full-time job. Teak & Twine combines her passion for craftmanship, beautiful design and thoughtful details with her entrepreneurial spirit. She lives in Destin, Florida with the world's greatest husband.

Kinsey RobertsComment