06: Tiffany Wayne, Getting a Book Deal as a Wedding Photographer

Today on She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros Tiffany Wayne tells us how she got a book deal as a wedding photographer. Tiffany is a talented and brilliant businesswoman and wedding photographer and today she's pulling back the curtain on her journey to being an award-winning photographer, author and community builder.

She's been published in Rangefinder Magazine, is gearing up for her first live event called RISE Workshop and her second book that is due out soon (I'll keep you updated!). This episode is also an hour long because Tiffany just has so much knowledge and experience to share with us. To be honest, I had about 1,000 other things I wanted to ask her and could have gone on for about five hours! Listen here or in iTunes!

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Rangefinder Magazine

RISE Workshop

Photograph Couples: How to Create Romantic Wedding & Engagement Portraits (Tiffany's Book)

Google Calendar

Hallmark Institute of Photography

Kinsey Roberts