64: How to Price Your Wedding Services for Profit with Kristin Kaplan

I'm just going to say it, it's time we all collectively said "enough is enough" and start getting serious about pricing our services so we can actually take home a paycheck in our wedding businesses. 

Kristin Kaplan is my guest today and I'm thrilled she agreed to come on and talk to us about how to logically and realistically price in our wedding businesses. Let me tell you a bit more about Kristin;

Kristin is an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, and extreme list maker. A northerner by way of Los Angeles, she is now happily settled in Nashville, Tennessee and loves everything about living in Music City. She founded Stunning Events 10 years ago where she plans fresh, fun, wedding celebrations and manages all business operations. She also teaches, mentors, and coaches creative entrepreneurs to live a life of purpose by building a solid business foundation.

She is the writer and creator of The Pricing Workbook, a pricing guide for creative business owners and the co-founder, along with Ginny Krauss, of The Wedding Business Bosses community and The Wedding Business Academy, a 6-month group coaching program for wedding industry creatives.

What I love about this interview is there's actual steps you can follow to just do a checkup on your biz if you feel like you have pricing under control OR steps to follow if you have no idea why you charge what you charge. 

This isn't an interview where we hold hands and tell you "oh charge what you're worth." This is an interview where Kristin brings the house down and asks the hard questions: What do you want to make? How much do you need to save for taxes? What are your fixed costs? 

RUN, don't walk, to grab Kristin's Pricing Workbook. It will change the way you look at money in your business, period. 


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