82: Tip Tuesday: How to Network with Strangers

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Well hey there and happy Tuesday. Welcome to She Creates Business, a podcast for wedding pros. This is your host Kinsey Roberts. 

You may have noticed from the title that I am bringing back Tip Tuesdays! If you are a new listener to the show, you may not know that over the summer every single Tuesday I brought an episode that's about 15 or 20 minutes long, sometimes less, that is just a quick tip or idea or thought about something I'm trying in my own wedding business. 

And I got really great feedback about that series, and I enjoyed it myself. 

It was a really great time, and a really great way for me to just kind of talk out what was going on in my own business and being really transparent about things I was testing out or things that weren't working or things that are working. And I'm bringing it back. I'm going to just keep doing it every single Tuesday. 

It's no longer a series, it's going to be part of this regular show because I love it and I really appreciate you guys giving me that great feedback about loving those short, snackable size episodes where there's just one thing that you can take away and say, "Hey, I can do something with that."

So we're going to kick it off again and today marks the first episode of Tip Tuesday for our kind of fall time period into the ... I'm going to do it through the end of the year and see how it goes. But before we get started with today's tip, I want to tell you that today's podcast is sponsored by Sudio Sweden. 

And that's not studio with a T, but it's Sudio, which is spelled S-U-D-I-O. Sudio contacted me and said, "Hey, we've listened to your show. We would love for you to grab a couple pairs of headphones from us. 

See if you like them, and we'd love to sponsor your show and offer your listeners a discount if you're interested in that, and you like the product." And I absolutely was interested because I am a podcaster so having new headphones, trying new headphones, was completely in line with who I am.

You guys know that I have a podcast course, and we're all interested ... I know I'm kind of preaching to the choir here when I say, "I always want pretty headphones," right? I'm constantly listening to other podcasts, I'm constantly listening to other audiobooks, webinars, what have you, recording shows. 

And so a sponsorship from a headphone company was like, yes please. So Sudio, thank you so much for sponsoring today's show. I want you guys to know that you can get 15% off any purchase over at Sudio using the code shecreatesbusiness. You can also just tap your podcast player and use that link in there to make your purchase. 

And one of the great things about Sudio this month in October is, as I record this, is they are donating 10% of their purchases to breast cancer awareness month. So really appreciate that.

Also, I recorded an unboxing video of the two pairs of headphones that I tried. And you can find that over on shecreatesbusinesspodcast.com. Go have a look see over there, the link is also in the show notes, so you can see the models that I tried. I tried the Vasa earbuds and then I also tried the Regents, which are over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones. So take a peek at that and again, Sudio, thank you so much.

Okay today's quick Tip Tuesday is how to network with strangers. And the impetus for this podcast episode is I just got a networking request, kind of, from somebody that I do not know. I've never had any interaction with them, and their request was kind of strange, I thought. It's not that I don't like to connect with people I don't know, that's really what the entire internet and this podcast has done for me. 

But I think there's ways to go about it that are easy ways to get a yes from the person that you're asking. I have certainly made these mistakes so don't hear what I'm not saying. I'm not telling you that I am perfect and network well all the time. That's not true.

But as I've grown the show and as I've gotten to know other people and as I've kind of gained a following ... I don't want to say that in a weird way, but I just mean as the show has gotten bigger, as it has appeared kind of in the top 200 of the management and marketing category, I've gotten contacted by people like we all do. I know I'm sure you do too. 

We all get emails from people who want one thing or another or they want to meet us or they want to talk to us. And I love that and I think that's great. I do it every single week. I pitch my own guests. I get pitches as well but honestly I love to find my own guests.

And so that's another reason why I think these are really important because my guests are strangers typically before I have them on the show. I mean, a lot of times I'm meeting them before but especially when I first started the show, everybody except for the people I met at Creative At Heart Conference was a stranger. And so I had to approach them in a really unique way so that I wasn't just some random person off the street like, "Hey, can you give me 30 minutes of your life for no reason? Thanks." You know what I mean?

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