84: Running an E-Commerce Business in the Wedding Industry with Katie Doherty

How to make six figures with an ecommerce business in the wedding industry

It's a pleasure to welcome Katie Doherty from La Rousse Shoppe to the podcast today. 

Katie is a photographer turned e-commerce shop owner in the wedding industry and on today's show she spilling all the beans on how she got started, how she found her partner, how they've hit 6 figures and MORE!

But first, here's a little more about this impressive brilliant woman: 

Katie Doherty is a whimsical redheaded photographer and entrepreneur, who actually started out her professional career life as an elementary school teacher, then ultimately decided working full-time for someone else was not her jam.

After retiring from teaching in 2014, Katie starting building a six figure e-commerce company from the ground up. La Rousse Shoppe sells boutique packaging products, such as glass photo boxes and USB drives, to professional photographers.

It all started with Katie’s love of creating beautiful things, fueled by a desire for freedom and the ability to work from anywhere. Her favorite aspects of running La Rousse Shoppe are designing products, branding & packaging, and seeing all of the wonderful ways photographers are sharing their styled print boxes on social media.

Katie and her business partner Phil are working on further automating the business by building their team and outsourcing daily tasks like shipping and fulfilling orders. The goal is to build systems and automation so that Katie and Phil can focus on expanding their product line, and, of course, enjoying a life of travel and leisure.

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