89: How to Start a Side Hustle as a Wedding Officiant with Kristin Barber

How to Start a Business as a Wedding Officiant

I'm so pleased to welcome Kristin Barber to She Creates Business a Podcast for Wedding Pros. 

Not only is Kristin the very first wedding officiant on the show (hooray!) she's also the first guest I've had who is truly running her side hustle......as a side hustle!

That's right! Kristin isn't burning the midnight oil trying to go full-time as a wedding officiant, in fact, she loves her full-time job at Acuity Scheduling! 

Kristin just loves people, weddings and accidentally becoming an officiant so she does it for fun......and sometimes for free! 

My chat with Kristin was so refreshing because it wasn't about how she's killing herself trying to reach full-time officiant status. It was truly just a discussion on how much she LOVES her side-hustle, how she got started as an officiant, the journey she takes her couples through and why she continues to do it (even though she doesn't have to). 

I know you want to know more about this amazing lady so allow me to share a bit about Kristin here:

Kristin Barber is a carb-loving, city-dwelling, social butterfly who knows far too much about the Real Housewives. She lives in Minneapolis and when she's not checking out the new restaurants in town, she's planning her next passport stamp.

If there's one thing she loves more than traveling--it would be marrying close friends and perfect strangers.

If you want a peek behind the curtains of how to become a wedding officiant or just need some inspo to fall in love with your side-hustle again, today's episode is for you!

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