90: Tip Tuesday - 5 Answers You Can Give People Who Ask You for a Discount

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We've all been there. You see an inquiry pop into your inbox and you're excited because it's another opportunity to serve your ideal client and grow your business! 

You go through the initial emails, give them information, take them through your amazing client experience and then BOOM, the client or organization asks you for a discount on your services or worse, to "donate" your services to their event/organization/insert their special thing here that would be such great "exposure" for you. 


The anxiety sets in. You don't know how to answer because it's your third request THIS WEEK and these thoughts are swirling in your mind:

Are you a bad person for saying no?
What if word gets around and EVERYONE starts asking for a discount?! 
I seriously can't afford to work for free (even if you want to)!

Sound familiar? You're not alone girl (no seriously, you're not). When I'm hanging out in Facebook groups for Wedding Pros (and just entrepreneurs in general) I see this question ALL. THE. TIME. "How do you guys deal with people who ask for a discount?" 

So I sat down and thought about it. How can we deal with these asks? What can we say when the answer is a solid NO but we want to send people away from us with a good impression? 

In today's' podcast episode I'm giving you FIVE tactical ways you give people a gentle NO when they ask you for a discount on your wedding services or they ask you to donate your wedding services to their organization. 



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