90: 5 Professional Ways to Respond to Clients Who Ask for a Discount

How to Respond to Wedding Clients who Ask for a Discount

5 Professional Ways to Respond to Clients Who Ask for a Discount

We've all been there. You see a wedding inquiry pop into your inbox and you’re thrilled!

You quickly reply, taking the client through your amazing customer experience and then BOOM, the client asks you for a discount on your services or worse, to "donate" your services to their event/organization/insert their special thing here.

They share how much they’d love to work with you and they also might include why their “thing” would be such great "exposure" for you. 

Ugh. The anxiety sets in.

You don't know how to answer right away. You read their email at least 5 times trying to craft the perfect response but…

These thoughts keep swirling in your mind:

  • Am I a horrible person for saying no?

  • I don’t want to be referred to more people who will ask for a discount too

  • And right now, I truly can't afford to work for free

Sound familiar? If it does you’re definitely not alone. One of the most common questions I see in industry Facebook groups is, "How do you deal with people who ask for a discount?" 

So, I sat down and thought about it. How can we deal with these discount requests?

What can we say when the answer is a solid NO but we want to be kind, professional and leave the client with a good impression of us and our business?

In today's episode, I'm sharing five tactical responses you can use for discount inquiries when the answer is a gentle but firm NO.



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