92: How to Keep Marketing the Weddings You've had Published Online and In Print

How to make the most of your published weddings to get more exposure for your business

I'm honored to welcome Meghan Brown from Two Bright Lights to the show today.

Meghan is here to help us get the MOST out of our weddings by getting them published and repurposing those publications over and over again. 

Meghan Stolar Brown, Manager of Two Bright Lights, is passionate about helping event professionals grow their brand and leads by connecting with publishers and other vendors. She has extensive marketing and event management experience and understands the challenges and opportunities creative entrepreneurs face. 

Growing up with a booking agent and a wedding band leader for parents, there is no doubt that marketing and events are in Meghan’s DNA. Her love for music and events grew from singing and playing piano as a toddler, to performing in recording studios and at weddings and events in the years since.

Meghan holds a degree in Music Business from New York University, and lives in New York with her husband and (if everything goes her way) their future dog, “Chet”.

Remember, Meghan is generously offering a Two Bright Lights Promo Code to SCB listeners only!

Use Code: SHECREATES for 10% Off your new or upgraded annual subscription at Two Bright Lights.


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