BONUS: Chit Chat with Annette & Kinsey: February Roundup

In this week’s episode, we’re shaking things up a little bit! It’s a new flavor of episodes that I’m bringing you and it’s with my friend and fellow podcast host, Annette Stepanian.

If you don’t know Annette she’s the brilliant and talented host of Office Talk. Annette has become a great friend over the years and we've worked together multiple times. She's been a guest on the podcast in Episode 32 and she's my go-to for contracts in my creative businesses. 

The other day we were having an amazing chat (it lasted over an hour because I can't shut up) and we realized that we needed to share our conversations with you. We suspect that so many of you can relate to some of the struggles and revelations that both she and I have experienced during our time as business owners!

About once a month you can expect to hear these talks, which we’re calling Chit Chat with Annette and Kinsey. It’s totally casual and super chill – just two girlfriends chatting about business, life and everything in between.


  • Who you really need to listen to as your business evolves

  • How to tell if what you’re doing might just be a “sophisticated form of procrastination”

  • You’re not a business owner without sales, and here’s how to reframe the sales process…

  • Why you shouldn’t be searching for a formula for building a business and what to do instead

  • What’s is the real reason that many people aren’t completing online courses they purchase

  • Why creating seasons for yourself is such a great strategy for accomplishing what you want to do





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