60 Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Wedding Business


Why Use Lead Magnets in Your Wedding Business?

As a marketer by trade and a wedding venue owner I know the value of building an email list of existing and future clients so I can stay in touch with them and provide value through helpful content.

When engaged couples or booked clients think of a wedding venue, I want to be top of mind. Whether you're a planner, photographer, DJ, videographer (you get the point) being top of mind should be your goal as well. Sending regular helpful content to your email list is an easy way to stay top of mind and provide valuable information to couples who need what you have. 

The question is: How do we get engaged couples on our email list?

The answer is: By using value-packed lead magnets/content upgrades/opt-ins 

What is a Lead Magnet/Content Upgrade/Opt In Offer?

Simply put: A lead magnet/content upgrade/opt-in offer is a super valuable, FREEBIE you offer in exchange for a person's email address. The words "lead magnet" "content upgrade" "opt-in offer" all mean the same thing. You may even hear them called a "Freemium" or "Tripwire."

I've spent that last few weeks coming up with every lead magnet/content upgrade/email list opt-in offer I can think of for my wedding venue, Vista View Events.

I carved out time to just think about content that would be helpful to future and existing couples. The result? A list of 60 Lead Magnet Ideas specifically for wedding pros to use for their clients. 

Another bonus? This list of lead magnets doubles as a list of blog post topic ideas. Win-Win! 

How Can I Use This List of Lead Magnets in My Wedding Business? 

1. Pick out 2-3 Lead Magnets from this list that feels like the best fit for your business and place them strategically on pages that get the most traffic (the most visits). Popular pages on wedding websites tend to be: your About Page, your Services Page, and your Home Page. You can determine your most popular pages by looking at your Google Analytics or the internal analytics section of your website platform (Squarespace, Wix, Showit, etc).

2. Do you do in-person consultations (or tours for my venue pros)? Create a physical version of one of these Lead Magnets to give to potential clients when you meet with them. Providing a valuable resource for couples will help you stand out from other pros who are just giving the same old portfolio and package magazine that everyone is handing out. Make it about them, not about you. 

3. Using one of the ideas from the list below, write a blog post (make it meaty, at least 750 words) around the topic and create a Content Upgrade within the blog post that adds even more value for the reader. Here's an example: write a blog post about the 10 things all couples should have on their wedding website and then create a downloadable PDF that couples can print opt-in to get (giving you their email address) and check off as they go while they're creating their own wedding website. Have I convinced you to start using lead magnets yes? Great! Let's go to the list!

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60 Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding Businesses


1.) Printable Wedding Planner

For the couple to plan their whole wedding from start to finish.

2.) Specific Vendor Planner

If you're a florist, photographer, planner, etc. you can gift a printable to help the couple plan for YOUR specific service. 

3.) Wedding Planning Timeline

Checklist that shows a breakdown of the wedding planning timeline. (what the couple should do 8 months out, 6 months out, 2 months out, etc.) 

4.) Vendor Resource List

Example: If you're a planner you could give away a list of your 20 favorite venues, 10 great photographers, etc.

5.) Wedding Vow Worksheet

Gift a worksheet where the couple can start to brainstorm their wedding vows. 

6.) Wedding Planning Memory Journal

Similar to a wedding planner, this printable journal helps the couple write down special memories from their engagement & wedding planning journey. 

7.) DIY Tutorial

Teach your readers how to do something. If you're a florist, you could teach how to DIY a centerpiece. If you're a photographer, teach them how to pose. 

8.) Packing List for a Beach Honeymoon

Give a sample packing list a couple can use if they're headed to the beach for their honeymoon.

9.) Packing List for a Winter Honeymoon

Give a sample packing list a couple can use if they're headed to a snowy location for their honeymoon.

10.) Wedding Day Timeline

Give your couples a printable with a sample wedding day timeline to help with their planning process.

11.) Monthly Drawing

Offer a monthly drawing only for your email subscribers. Each month you'd randomly choose a subscriber from your list and giveaway something that is relevant to your biz. 

12.) Ebook

Create an ebook around a topic you're knowledgeable about. (Example: you could create a mood board ebook to gift readers as inspiration for choosing their wedding colors and/or theme.)

13.) Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your....

This would be whatever you do in the wedding industry. (Example: choosing a florist, choosing a venue, choosing a photographer, etc). You could also do a whole series using this topic and give your best advice for each type of vendor.

14.) Wedding/Engagement Gift Tracker

Create a worksheet where your couples can keep track of the gifts they're receiving during their engagement for easy thank-you note writing after the wedding.

15.) Infographic

Create an infographic with helpful info for the couple (timelines, budget, percentages, etc.)

16.) Budget Calculator

Create a spreadsheet with a sample budget calculator

17.) Trend Report

Create a report with the year's best trends in dresses, flowers, decor, etc. You could incorporate the year's Pantone Color of the Year to make it timely.

18.) List of Planning Apps

Create a list of apps that couples can use to help plan their wedding.

19.) E-Course

Create a small, free video course that teaches your reader something valuable or that helps them solve a problem. Think of something your clients ask you CONSTANTLY. It is likely this question is a great topic for an e-course. As an example, on She Creates Business, I have a free course on using HARO for your wedding business. 

20.) Audio Q & A with You

Record a simple audio Q & A with the Top 5 (or whatever number you like) questions you get from clients. Think super helpful, exclusive access.

21.) FAQ Printable

Much like the audio Q & A, but in a printable format. People like to consume content differently so this would be great for people who prefer reading over listening. 

22.) Exclusive Podcast

This is for my fellow podcasters! Record an exclusive podcast that can only be accessed via opt-in. Again, think exclusive content. 

23.) Free Webinar

Create a free webinar for your client. The webinar could help your client achieve a specific goal or it could be more of an overview of a topic you're an expert in. 

24.) 15 Minute Intro Call with You

In today's digital world sometimes people would love to just get on the phone. Set aside 1 day per week when you take 4, 15-minute calls that potential clients can book with you and just be helpful to them. Answer questions about your service or really anything they need help with. 1 hour per week could change your whole business!

25.) Desktop Wallpaper

Create a free desktop wallpaper with a wedding theme. (Bonus points if you can figure out how to put their wedding date on it.) 

26.) iPhone/iPad/Tablet Background

Same as the desktop wallpaper but for other devices. Make sure you research optimal sizes for each background so they look good. 

27.) Facebook Group Access

If you have a private Facebook Group for your business (or you want to start one) make your email opt-in the exclusive invitation for the group. 

28.) Love Quotes

Create some cute prints with love quotes that your subscriber can print & frame. (If you're a calligrapher you can use that on your prints!)

29.) Bridal Fashion Guide

Round up the year's best in bridal fashion including dresses, veils, shoes, hair pieces, etc. 

30.) Interview Series with Other Wedding Pros

Put together an interview series with other pros in your same niche or pick vendors in other niches and have each of them answer 2-3 questions. Deliver it to your subscribers in an audio or text format. 

31.) Live Online Workshop

This is similar to a webinar but typically instead of just giving information (like in a webinar), you'd be on camera teaching your viewers something. Example: if you're a florist, teach them how to make their own flower crown for their wedding.

32.) Wedding Day Checklist for the Couple

Create a list of everything the couple may need on the wedding day. Remember to include things that can easily be forgotten like cuff links or band-aids.

33.) Bridesmaid Gift Roundup

Round up a list of gift ideas for bridesmaids & the maid of honor. Show the reader where they can get the gift s too. Include photos & Links (make sure you have permission to use photos ).

34.) Groomsmen Gift Roundup

Same as above but for the groomsmen.

35.) Wedding Day Checklist for a Maid of Honor

Same idea as above but make the li s t for the Maid of Honor.

36.) Guest List Brainstorming Worksheet

A printable worksheet where the couple can brainstorm their guest list at the beginning of the planning process.

37.) Printable Wedding Invitations

Design two or three styles (or more, it's your opt-in!) of wedding invites and give them away. Include RSVP cards if you want to!

38.) Post-Wedding To-Do List

This is the not-so-fun list of stuff couples may need to do after the honeymoon such as: changing last names, updating social security cards, changing addresses, updating driver's licenses, etc.

39.) Product Review Guide

Give your honest opinion and review for 5- 10 popular products in the wedding industry. Right now the velvet ring box and hand-dyed raw silk ribbon are super popular so those would be good ones to add to your list.

40.) Wedding Registry List

You could do this a few ways: make a list of things couples will ACTUALLY use or make a "wishlist" registry of really cool product s that aren't necessarily everyday things couples will need.

41.) Adult Coloring Pages Give it a wedding theme!

This one is just for fun because we ALL know how stressful wedding planning can get.

42.) Resource List

Make this pretty substantial. For example, I own a venue & we require a wedding planner so I may do a resource list of 50 wedding planners in my state along with their website/email.

43.) Discount Code

Offer an exclusive discount on your product s or services only to people who subscribe to your email list.

44.) Design Template

Offer a design template that a DIY couple would love. For example, make an editable template for table number s the couple can edit and have printed for each reception table.

45.) Free Email Course

This is similar to an e-course but is delivered completely through email typically text & images only.

46.) Quiz

Create a quiz for the couple/bride/or groom to take. Example: "What kind of Bride are You? " Use a tool like Online Quiz Creator to do this (it' s free).

47.) Color Palette Ideas

Create 5-10 color palettes and put them in one document to help your reader jumpstart their brainstorming around their wedding color s.

48.) 5 Day Challenge

You've seen 5-Day, 7-Day, 10-Day, etc. challenges floating around social media, right? This is the exact same thing, but make it for your couples. Example: if you're a planner do a 5-day challenge around getting a piece of the planning process completely done!

49.) Sample Seating Charts

This one is a little tricky since you won't know what their venue looks like but you can give readers s general layouts of "ideal" setups using round tables, family-style tables, etc. I'm sure planners have a few tips for avoiding columns and where to put the head table!

50.) Video Tutorial

Record your self teaching your readers how to do something. Example: take the above idea one step further and show couples how to use All Seated or show them how to set up their wedding website on your favorite wedding website platform.

51.) Printable Calendar

Create a printable calendar (not a whole planner) so the couple can keep track of their own important dates. You can create one blank calendar they can reprint or a 12-month calendar pack.

52.) Free Preview

Got a course, webinar or ebook coming out soon? Give subscriber s a free lesson or chapter as a sneak peek.

53.) Behind the Scenes

This could be a video or text. Even if your reader isn't going to be joining the wedding industry taking them behind the scenes of your job helps them get to know you and trust you.

54.) Subscriber-Only Toolkit

Make more than one of the opt-ins from this list and offer them as a "Planning Toolkit" only to your subscribers.

 55.) Best of Your Business

Put together a photo journey of your "Best of Weddings " and offer it as an ebook opt-in. You can add a theme to make multiple ebooks like "Best of Fall Weddings," "Best of Outdoor Weddings " and so on.

56.) Free or $1 Trial Membership

If you have a membership site your opt-in could be a special invitation to join the membership community for 1-month either for free or for $1.

57.) Local Things to Do/Accommodations

Create a super-comprehensive list of accommodations, activities, family hot spots, etc. for your couples to reference for their website, invitations and more.

58.) Best Advice From the Pros

Gather your wedding pro friends and compile their #1 Piece of Advice for Couples.

59.) Vendor Email Swipe File

We all know wedding planning can feel like a tedious process for couples. Create email templates that couples can copy/paste when writing those initial inquiry emails to SO MANY vendors.

60.) Gratitude Worksheet

Create a simple gratitude worksheet for couples to do together, especially when they're starting to feel the stress and anxiety of wedding planning details. 



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