BLOG: How do I Listen to Podcasts if I Don't Have an iPhone?

You have a Podcast App..Even if You Don't Have an iPhone

I've seen this question floating around Facebook Groups that I'm part of and I thought I would write a quick blog post to answer this question. But first, let's dispel a few myths about podcasts.

MYTH #1: You HAVE to have an iPhone to listen to podcasts 

FALSE: You can listen to podcasts on your iPhone, Android, Google Phone and even on your computer. 

MYTH #2: The only kinds of podcasts that exist talk about business and marketing. 

FALSE: There are SO MANY kinds of podcasts out there - not just business shows. At the end of this post I talked about the non-business podcasts I have on my favorites list every week.

I was actually equal parts surprised and delighted that there are business owners out there who do not know how to listen to podcasts because they think podcasts are exclusive to iPhones. 

I was surprised because I think I just automatically assumed everyone was like me and was obsessed with podcasts and have been listening for years! Once I found out this is just simply not true, as a podcaster myself, I was absolutely delighted with the realization that many people don't consistently listen to podcasts because it's proof that the podcasting is not a saturated market as many would have you believe. It just seems that way to you and I because we're in this online business world every single day and seeing our friends and colleagues start podcasts all the time.

This is GREAT news for us podcasters. Why? Well for one thing, I want people to start a podcast! It has been one of the best things I've done for my life and business and I want us to be podcast besties. Secondly, this is great news because it means we have so many listeners yet to be reached! 

Ok, now that those podcast myths are out of the way. Let's chat about ways you can listen to your favorite podcasts even if you don't have an iPhone. 

Stitcher Radio

This is an app available for Android users. You can use it on any mobile device to listen to your favorite podcasts. If you can't find the podcast you're looking for it likely means the host hasn't submitted their podcast to this app. Shoot them an email asking if they'd be willing to submit to Stitcher so you can listen! As a host, I want to know where my listeners are and would love to get an email like this if I wasn't on an app (I am on Stitcher). 


Yet another mobile app for Android users for listening to podcasts. Download anytime from your app store. Again, if you can't locate the podcast contact the host to confirm if they're on this platform (they totally should be). 

Google Play

Where are my loyal Google users?? This one is for you. You can use Google Play on any mobile device or on your desktop. Music, podcasts, etc it's all available in the Google Play store. 

iTunes Podcast App

If you're reading this thinking "I have an iPhone but I still don't know how to listen to podcasts" I didn't want to leave you out. Yes, it is true. All iPhones come from the shelf with a podcast app on your phone. Just open that baby and start subscribing to your FAV shows!