The Benefits of Starting a Podcast as a Creative Entrepreneur

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To show you how little it really takes to start your own show!


It has officially been two months since I launched She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros. In these short 60 days, the amount of love and sweet feedback that you’ve poured out to me and to the show has been immense and completely mind blowing.

It’s a hard for me to put into words what it feels like to connect with other like-minded women like you who are starting, running and building businesses. The energy and motivation it gives me to go after my big goals and dreams is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Do you feel it too? I hope so.

Starting a podcast as a creative entrepreneur is hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Today I want to summarize the insane benefits, both tangible and intangible, of starting your own show that you’re crazy about. There’s plenty of room for you on this podcasting train and, just in case the tech part has been holding you back, I’ve included a little Podcast Tech Sheet at the end of this post to show you just how little you need to get started!



I know I alluded to this at the beginning of the post but it’s worth repeating so let me expand on this. Because of this podcast, my connection with other creative entrepreneurs in the wedding industry goes way deeper than the 30 minute interview that you hear every Tuesday and Thursday. I consider each wedding industry pro that I interview a friend, colleague and in some cases an unofficial mentor.

For me personally, I’ve made the commitment to find my own guests or get to know women well if they come to me, instead of outsourcing that part of my show (which you can totally do). I’ve chosen to do that because I want to feel connected to my guest before we ever get on the mic. It also helps me sharpen my interview skills when I’m genuinely interested in my guest’s story and not just trying to churn through wedding pros to get a podcast episode out.

We hear it time and time again in our industry that relationships are the key to success. In the past, I heard this message and I totally agreed, but I wasn’t truly listening. Once I started listening, internalizing this message and building relationships with women online and offline, I can 100% attest to the value these relationships have brought to my business and most importantly, to my life. I’m obsessed with my guests (in a completely normal way) and I’m SO for them and cheering them on in their businesses.

I made this point number one because it has a very personal meaning for me (I’ll probably write a more detailed post about this later) and I want it to be clear that, meeting other women entrepreneurs and being able to support them, has been THE VERY BEST thing to come out of the She Creates Business Podcast and I look forward to all of my future guests/new friends.


You don’t have to convince me that education is beneficial. I’ve been an avid reader all of my life and have purchased more courses than I care to tell you about (but honestly if you really want to know, just ask me. We can laugh about it together). But there is something about talking life and business with another entrepreneur that just takes it to another level.

You absorb more information, you keep a more open mind and you’re introduced to new ideas and ways of thinking that you wouldn’t have considered for yourself before. During each interview I learn about ten new things and it has been one of my favorite parts of this journey.

Even if you’re not considering an interview-style podcast and you’d rather fly solo (which is great!) you will still benefit from new ideas and information during the research phase when you’re putting together each episode’s topic and talking points.

Another educational benefit is all of the tech pieces you learn about podcasting when you start your own show. I don’t outsource anything for my show (except for transcribing the audio) and has a.) helped me keep startup costs really low and b.) given me a wealth of information on new technology I didn’t know a lot about prior to starting my show.


I don’t mean this in the financial sense (but I have goals around this and you should too because you’re worth it) but I mean this in the sense of business connections, collaborations and projects. I have two speaking opportunities coming up in 2017 (more on that soon!) that I believe came about because of the podcast. Whether it was the confidence I got from having the podcast or networking with other wedding pros, I feel strongly that I wouldn’t have those speaking opportunities if I didn’t have this show.

I also have two big projects planned for 2017 that are directly related to the podcast and I CAN’T wait to share them with you! I feel like this is just the beginning. I had a really great coffee chat the other morning with an entrepreneur I completely admire and she said, “just keep showing up”... so that’s what I’m going to do throughout 2017 and beyond.


This is a good one. Even though I’m behind the mic and I can’t actually see you (even my guests are just on audio) I still consider podcasting a form of public speaking. I get a little nervous before each interview or solo episode and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I don’t sound like a complete amateur.

Hosting the podcast is a great training exercise in confidently thinking on your feet, particularly during interviews. You have to keep the guest on topic and on time, ask good questions, be an active listener (which helps you ask good questions!) and take notes, all at the same time. I guess you don’t have to take notes but I like to because it helps me remember what was said during our time together and I use my interview notes to write the show notes that you see on the blog. There are a lot of moving parts during an interview and, as the host, it is your job to keep those pieces moving.

I’d say the other way podcasting has built my confidence is just FINALLY putting my show out into the world. If you know a little about my story then you know it took me TWO YEARS to finally make the decision and start the podcast. If you want to start a podcast, please just do it. It feels incredible to have created something that is now in the earbuds of amazing women every Tuesday and Thursday. Don’t be like me, start your show now. You will not regret it.


As promised, I’m including this Podcasting Tech Sheet that lists the tools I use to record, edit and produce my podcast. If you've been wanting to start your own show I hope this will help you to see how little it takes, in terms of technology, to get started. I really hope you’ll consider starting a podcast or at the very least, start pitching yourself to be a guest on other shows. You’ll have SO much fun! Download your Podcasting Tech Sheet before you go by clicking the button below.

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