151: How to Create Systems & Processes for the 5 Key Areas of Your Wedding Business with Ashley Stork

business systems Nov 07, 2019


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Today on the podcast I'm welcoming my friend and industry colleague, Ashley Stork.

Ashley is the owner + principal planner at Magnolia Vine Events and the owner of Wedding Business Bosses.

In today's episode, Ashley walks us through 5 Areas of Your Wedding Business Where That Need Systems & Processes.

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About Ashley and Wedding Business Bosses:

Wedding Business Bosses is content + support + community for wedding professionals looking to streamline & systemize their business so they can grow, as well as take control of their time & schedule.

WBB is hosted by Ashley Stork, a wedding planner & business owner based in Birmingham, Alabama. Ashley has had 8+ years in the wedding industry as well as 10 years in entrepreneurship.

Systems & processes were the things that radically changed her business and she is thrilled to use the WBB platform to share with others. Wedding Business Bosses has a free facebook community, as well as a membership community, online summits & live in-person events.

Connect with Ashley:





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