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153: The Reason Your Wedding Business isn't Growing with Rachel Green

business growth Dec 05, 2019


My guest on the podcast today is Rachel Green from Intentionally Designed. She's digging into the REAL reason your wedding business isn't growing.

Even better? She's giving us ways we can get out of our rut and start to GROW in the direction we want. 

Here's what we cover on the...

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60 Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Wedding Business


Why Use Lead Magnets in Your Wedding Business?

As a marketer by trade and a wedding venue owner I know the value of building an email list of existing and future clients so I can stay in touch with them and provide value through helpful content.

When engaged couples or booked clients...

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152: How to Take Risks in Your Wedding Business with Intention & Purpose with Michelle Loretta

business finance Nov 19, 2019

Quick Announcement: The She Creates Content is now available for $127

Create high-converting content in your wedding business to build relationships and drive more sales in your wedding business.

When you purchase the Content Calendar you'll get:

- 10-Page Welcome Guide
- 365 Days of Content...

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151: How to Create Systems & Processes for the 5 Key Areas of Your Wedding Business with Ashley Stork

business systems Nov 07, 2019


Save the Date: The She Creates Content Calendar arrives on November 10th, 2019! 

Today on the podcast I'm welcoming my friend and industry colleague, Ashley Stork.

Ashley is the owner + principal planner at Magnolia Vine Events and the owner of Wedding Business Bosses.

In today's...

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150: How to Expand Your Wedding Business to a New Market with Lindsey Nickel

business growth Nov 05, 2019


Save the Date: The new She Creates Content Calendar launches November, 10th, 2020. 

It's 365 Days of Marketing Content made for wedding professionals ONLY. Grab it for just $127 on launch day!

Can't wait? Get a two-week free sample of the calendar here.


If you've been thinking...

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149: How to Restart Your Wedding Business after an Extended Break with Joelle Duff

work/life balance Nov 03, 2019

Save the Date:

The 2020 She Creates Content Calendar will be here on November 10th, 2019.

- What is it: 365 days of Marketing Content Ideas for Wedding Pros
- How much does it cost: $127

How to take a break from your wedding business?

Have you thought about doing this? Are you worried about...

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148: 5 Steps to More Sales in Your Wedding Business with Nikki Rausch

sales & marketing Oct 24, 2019


SAVE THE DATE! The She Creates Content Calendar drops on November 10th, 2019 - get a full year of content creation ideas for Wedding Pros (Whoop! Whoop!).



How to get more sales in your wedding business?

Have you ever Googled that question? (spoiler alert:...

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147: 4 Ways to Prepare Your Wedding Business to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant with Adrienna McDermott

business systems Oct 22, 2019


Save the Date: The She Creates Content Calendar is arriving at The Pro Shop on November 10th, 2019!


I’m honored to welcome Adrienna McDermott, owner of Ava & the Bee, to the podcast today!

If you know you're ready to hire a wedding business virtual assistant but...

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146: 5 Ways Wedding Pros Can Elevate Their Business with Krisy Thomas & Laurie Hartwell of The Bridal Society

business growth Oct 17, 2019


Today on the She Creates Business Podcast I'm honored to welcome Laurie Hartwell from the Bridal Society and to welcome BACK Krisy Thomas, also of the Bridal Society, and owner of Southern Sparkle Events. 

With over 30 years of experience between them, Krisy and Laurie are extremely...

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145: Pricing, Sustainability and Personal Development with Lindsay and Heather from LVL Academy

business growth Sep 03, 2019

Click here to learn more about the 2019 LVL Academy in California.

LVL Academy Digital Shop

Today, I'm honored to welcome Heather and Lindsay from LVL Academy to She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros.

Lindsay and Heather spend time with us today digging into three important...

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