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180 Days of Content
High-converting marketing strategy for wedding professionals to help you get the attention of your ideal couples and make social sales.
What would happen in your wedding business if you didn’t keep putting your marketing strategy on the back burner because you’re so overwhelmed with coming up with content and sitting down to create and schedule it?

Here’s Some Great News: Creating and scheduling marketing content that’s actually helpful to your ideal couples doesn’t have to be rocket science or make you just want to burn it all to the ground. (you just need a little help from our content calendar.)


Does this sound familiar?

You have an endless to-do list when it comes to growing your wedding business. You know you need a consistent marketing strategy that serves your couples, but who has the time? You've heard all the podcasts and read ALL the blog posts about how educating and providing value to clients in your marketing can explode your business.

You're tired of putting it off, knowing that marketing can play a key role in more business. But sitting down and creating the content (never mind actually posting it) is harder than people make it seem. Especially DURING wedding season. Not to mention it's not just about your social media platforms. It's about your blog, your YouTube channel, and your own podcast.



the She Creates
Content Calendar

I’ve crafted six months (that’s 180 days) of plug and play marketing content for your wedding business to help you achieve your marketing, growth and revenue goals.

Marketing and social media may not be the way you book most of your clients but hear me out.

Here’s why I believe you need a consistent marketing strategy:

  • It’s a way for potential clients to relate to you and the types of weddings you produce. It’s a way for potential clients to see themselves and  their wedding in your services. 

  • A consistent marketing strategy that’s packed with valuable content is also a way for your booked clients to consistently validate their choice in hiring you by seeing your most recent work, learning from you and seeing you as the expert they need guiding them through their wedding planning journey.

  • Social media and consistent marketing lets you build trust with your current and future clients.

kind words from a happy customer...

Ummm’re Uhhmazzing! Thank you so much for the Content Calendar that you created! I crafted my first post today and I love how it gets my brain wired and inspired!

What’s Included


  • Instant Access

  • Six Months of plug and play marketing content ( July 2019 thru December 2019)

  • designed for use on social media, your blog, youtube channel, podcast, and more.

  • exclusive discount on the 2020 one year content calendar

  • theme Definition Key and pro tips for getting the most out of the content calendar.

  • Links to additional helpful planning resources

kind words from a happy customer...

If you're a wedding professional, or really anyone needs a little help with content planning, you need to grab this 6 month content calendar from She Creates Business!

If you've noticed me posting more this week, this is why! Kinsey has created an amazing resoruce that has helped get my creative juices flowing again and I just love it.

Try Before You Buy

Get two free weeks of the She Creates Content Calendar now and give it a test drive!