FREE #WeCreateBusiness Digital Print 8" x 10"

FREE #WeCreateBusiness Digital Print 8" x 10"



Beyonce isn’t the only one doing cool stuff in the world. YOU are too, sister. Period. 

With everything going on in the world it’s easy to think what we’re doing “doesn’t matter” or “isn’t impactful.”  Hell, sometimes you may even feel like quitting (like I did last week when I almost shut down this podcast). 

Women CREATE good in this world. We create business and GET DOWN TO BUSINESS in all parts of our life. Some stranger sitting behind a cherrywood desk in D.C. isn’t going to diminish or take credit for what we’ve created. And that goes for for folks on both sides of the aisle in case you were wondering.

So if you’ve ever felt the way I felt last week let me remind you of a few things you’ve created. (I dare you not to check anything off this list, I know you’ve done most, if not all, of these). 

1.) Businesses

2.) Jobs

3.) Families

4.) Equality

5.) Space for Others

6.) Economic Growth

7.) Opportunity

8.) Community

9.) A Seat at the Table

10.) A Brighter Future

Grab a print for yourself, for your girlfriends and your biz besties.


**Heads up: This is a digital print that you’ll be able to download immediately after purchase (it’s free, btw). Nothing will be shipped to you :)

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