The Opt In Shop


1.) What is The Opt In Shop? 

A. The Opt In Shop is a collection of Done-For-You opt-ins and content upgrades to help you build your email list in your wedding business. 

2.) Awesome......what is an opt-in and a content upgrade? 

A. Opt-ins and Content Upgrades are free, valuable offers you can make to your couples/readers/listeners/etc. to encourage them to sign up for your email list. Opt-ins and content upgrades are also sometimes called: freebie, freemium, etc. 

3.) Why Should I use Opt-ins and Content Upgrades?

A. Opt-ins and Content Upgrades are easy to offer digital products that help your ideal reader do more/be more/achieve more. Giving a free opt-in provides more encouragement for your ideal couples or blog readers to join your email list than just a message that says "get updates" or "join my newsletter." 

4.) How Will Your Opt-ins and Content Upgrades Help Me? 

A. The Opt In Shop will help you build your email list by providing you with done-for-you digital products that you can start offering to your readers and couples today. You don't have to spend hours coming up with ideas, you don't need to waste time designing something, the Opt-ins and content upgrades in The Opt In Shop are literally plug and play. You can start building your email list today. 

5.) Now that you have a shop for these, won't ALL wedding professionals have the same stuff? I want to be unique!

A. I want to be unique too (don't we all?) and I asked myself this same question when I was creating The Opt In Shop. The truth is, we're already unique because we're all individuals. The way we communicate to our clients and treat our couples will always be different than any other wedding pro. 

We're also not going to use these products in the same way! I may break up the Vendor Meeting Workbook and use it as multiple blog posts and you may use the whole workbook as the colossal opt in on your homepage! 

And last but not least, my ideal clients in Colorado aren't looking for your services in Virginia or Florida! And vice versa! 


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